Active Parenting:

First Five Years

An online parenting class for parents of children ages 0 - 5.

Active Parenting Online Video Library


is more important

than your family!

* These video-based interactive classes and online video library are being offered free to CWA represented employees in DE, MD, PA, NJ, VA, WV, Washington, DC, or can be purchased at a discounted rate for non-CWA represented employees. 

An online parenting course for parents dealing with seperation or divorce

Learn life-changing parenting skills, anytime-anywhere!

Brought to you by the ACFC 

improving family life,  knowledge

 and understanding!


A joint CWA/Verizon work/life committee

An online parenting class for parents of 'tweens and teens

A collection of over 70 videos for parents of infants to teens

An online parenting class for parents of children ages

5 -12.

Parenting well is extremely important and extremely difficult. How do you know you're doing the right thing? How can you learn to stop reacting and resorting to yelling and demanding to get your kids to do what you ask?

The ACFC is proud to partner with Active Parenting to provide its members with quality parenting resources. These Active Parenting programs provide parents with a consistent style of parenting that takes the panic out of being a parent and shows them how to be the leader in your family, while their children learn to survive and thrive in the democratic society in which they live. In Active Parenting programs you'll learn to:

  • appreciate and develop your child's unique strengths

  • identify goals of misbehavior and how to redirect them

  • communicate openly so your children will ask for your support with a problem or issue they're facing

  • provide discipline while teaching responsibility

  • develop the character traits that will lead them into a successful adulthood

  • help your child succeed in school and beyond